I power up my cam it flashes leens cap
is on ,but my leens cap is off.
I get no video just sound when i record.


you seem to have a problem whit the ccd or in the flex or in the regulator section. Try this: disassembly your camera. You will see the optical block (lenses) and a flex that goes to the main board. That is the ccd , which "captures" the image. Pay special attencion th the connection to the main ,could be bad. if it´s ok then turn on in samera mode and put your finger over the ccd . You should see a video noise. If it´s that way , the ccd is broken. if you don´t see any noise , you must have a power problem.



E04 Unit in safeguard mode : Remove and Reattach Battery


I have had this same problem since my warranty ran out on my JVC DV camcorder. When I turn it on to record or play, a code appears on the display screen "E04 Remove and reattach battery. Unit in safegaurd mode." I have tried to remove the battery and replace it and I have the head cleaned. Twice I have brought it in for repairs but over time the same thing comes up. Can any one tell me what causes this and how to rectify it.




Hi; just found this forum.. so let me explain what this E4 problem is all about. I'll try to answer all major problems:
1. E4 is not depending on the type of tape
2. There is a electric wire like a tape with a lot of wires; this tape is transparent and it is the electric connection to the rotative head. because of turning on and off the camera lots of times the end of this "tape" truyes to jump out of the connector. This happenes also at camcorders wich have been a lot in the sun.
3. How to solv the problem: You have to hiold the camcorder in your right hand amd with the left hand you have to press quite hard with your fingers placed on the part where the LCD meets the body. This will bring the "tapes" connector back in the regular position and it is the only way to fix the problem for good without opening the device.


Hi Everyone! I was Having problems with my JVS GR-SXM730 Camcorder as well. I was getting the error message about the Unit Being In Safe Guard Mode. I removed the battery from the camcorder, disconnected the power supply from the unit, and switched it to the OFF position and let the camcorder sit for about 5 minutes. I then reattached the battery, plugged the dc cord back into the camera and let the battery charge for about 10 minutes. I then moved the indicator to the PLAY position while at the same time holding the eject button. The unit ejected the tape inside. I pulled the tape out, then shut the cassette door and the error message went away and I am able to use my camcorder once again. I hope this works for everyone else that is having this error message pop up on their camcorders. Worked for me :) Try it out


Remove the battery while the camera is at the "on" position then put it back. Press the forward or rewind button then stop. This should solve your problem


Hey guys, thought that I was the only one with the coded denial. Anyhow did all the reading I could, I tried something very simple, I do have the cheaper tape, so what I did was take it out of the unit, play with the little pin on the tape by opening/closing it, that worked. Then I gradualy placed the tape back in its dock and left the tapes gaurd open as long and as wide as I could. Seen to solve the same error message, and just think I have been messing with this thing for days, glad I didnt take the screwdriver to it. So good luck, I honestly think it is the tape and not the recorder, something is preventing the tape gaurd from opening?????????????????


I looked a another model JVC camcorder with the same error and the video head was not turning freely. I gave it a turn to free it up and no more error message after that.


the flimsy little tape guide at the back of the tape cradle(the one on the top at the back) was bent a little. When this is bent down a little it stops the head from rotating properly. bent it back and it went straight away. look in the unit yourself and see if it is all straight !


Squeeze the sides where the tape goes, just a bit and insert the tape it work for me and I hope it will last.


All you need is some Mr Muscle Window & glass cleaner and 2 cotton buds.
Firstly take off the battery and unplug and mains adapters.
Secondly using the glass cleaner and a cotton bud clean the pinch roller - this is the black rubber roller next to the white guide. You need to press quite hard and expect to get a dirty cotton bud once done.
Lastly using a different bud clean the head by holding the bud against it and spinning it.


Sme Problem E04 "Unit in safeguard mode" "remove and reattach battery". Ejected the cassette and just when it was about to eject, pushed it in... and the error is gone.


Eject the tape (if the camera allows you to) take the tape out.
You can the a transparant LED at about the middle of the tape.
Below that LED there is a flex-foil (browncoloured), when I carefully put the flex foil back in position (towards the camera) the camera works again without headcleaning or removing the batt.


Open the door to the camera, eject the tape, and the metal bar on the BOTTOM of where you slide the tape in, just slightly bend it in. Just enough so that as you put the tape in and watch it go down. The bar will actually push against the bottom of the drum a bit and get pushed back out as the tape descends.


carefully yet thoroughly clean the drum. I used the higher concentration (antimicrobial) isopropyl alchohol 91% which I purchased at the local CVS pharmacy. I shuttled the drum between two Q-tips that had been dipped in the alcohol. I then repeated the process with two additional dry Q-tips. Lastly, I very gently touched the dry Q-tip against the spinning drum. (The drum spins when you close or open the mechanism as though you were inserting or removing a tape.) Success! The camera seems to be working normally, at least for the past 4 minutes. I will now try to find whether there is any validity to the statement in other postings that the JVC tapes are different than the others. If there is some difference in the substrate, then I will pay the extra price for the JVC tapes in the future. I am a bit paranoid about damaging the camera, so I was very careful not to drip alchohol into the electronics. I was also very careful not to slow down the spinning drum with the Q-tip. Proceed at your own risk.


opened the cassette compartment, left it empty, took off the battery, opened the view screen, beat the holy hell out of the camera, re-inserted the battery


 guess that the tape eject system pulls the flex-foil out of position and after hundreds of time damages the flex untill you gat a bad contact there.


My JVC Gr-DVX10 made funny noises in tape transport, kinda as if idleing like after tape rippes. Tape was o.k. No or jagged pixlized output at playback, even with different tapes. Funny idleing noises also during taping. Sporadic headcleaning and fatal error - Remove & Reattach Battery messages. I followed your advise with bending hybrid cable towards cam-body and voilá we're back up & running


I've just had a probe inside the machine and a white spindle which pulls the tape around the head seemed to be moving very stiffly. I gave it a few gentle pushes and pulls.


I pushed the different sticks around and then it worked. Don't think it was the white one though.


condensation, operation paused –CONDENSATION, PLEASE WAIT—


To get the CONDENSATION message to go away, cover the lens with your hand.
This will cause the camera to display a different message, "LENS CAP".
Now you can remove your hand and you should no longer have any error messages


the moisture sensor is a little black square on the side of the drive motor. if you look directly where the tape goes in, the drive motor is in the far back left. it's partially hidden behind a silver pin hanging down from the black plastic cover that goes over the video head. take a long q-tip and dip it in glass cleaner(windex etc) and gently wipe it off. you should see a small amount of black guck on the q-tip. then remove power for about one minute and allow to dry. it's better to use air to dry it out.


hold the camcorder on it's side, with the tape door open, lens facing right. Everything is where Tim says it should be. The silver component in question is in the rear left upper corner, with some orangish plasticky tape above and below. You almost can't see the small black sensor square on the right side of the component. May help to have a second pair of hands hold a flashlight in place


I removed every single tiny little screw on the exterior case. All the screws on the inside of the viewer abd also there is one inside the S-Video flap if yours comes equipped. There is also a screw on the top on the piece in front of the eye viewer. Carefully, and I mean carefully, seperate the pieces. Inside there are a few connectors that connect the two halves. The one closest to the rear (thumb switch), if unplugged will do a "hard reset". Leave unplugged for about 5 minutes (atleast that is how long I left it unplugged).


I have been getting E06 error messages and getting mangled tape sticking out of the little cassette. So I cleaned the heads with a Qtip and alcohol and bingo! Shouldn't say this too soon but it seems to have fixed the problem.


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